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Looking for high-quality smart locks for hotel or apartment building projects? IslandKeys can help develop and supply that cater to your exact requirements with our wide range of high-standard smart electronic locks.


Hot Selling Smart Locks We Offer

Looking for high-quality smart locks for hotel or apartment building projects? IslandKeys can help develop and supply that cater to your exact requirements with our wide range of high-standard smart electronic locks. We are one of China’s top digital lock manufacturers and suppliers, through our rich experience and professional market research and analysis, we constantly update and iterate products for our clients, and have a variety of popular products that are loved by customers. Choose the product that matches your needs from our hot-selling products. Tiny minimums, no maximums!.



ISLAND KEYS sales agency several types of high-quality smart locks that are applicable in various settings, including homes, offices, hotels, etc. As a leading smart lock manufacturer, we provide ODM and OEM solutions, offering unique electronic locks that suit each customer’s needs. Our goal is to provide better door experience and counter illegitimate entries with unbreakable security.

Thanks to our large smart lock factory, all our products are made in-house under the supervision of experienced and highly-skilled professionals. Thus, all our products undergo rigorous inspection processes and adhere strictly to industry standards from CE, RoHS, BHMA, and UL.

Our extensive list of smart locks includes electronic apartment locks, digital cabinet locks, hotel door locks, hotel safes, and office door locks.


Realizing Your Smart Lock Keyless Entry Solutions

As China’s top smart lock company, IslandKeys provides innovative keyless entry solutions to all your safety entry needs, be it residential or commercial, or even industrial. Need fingerprint door locks? Or custom electronic locks? For your apartment building project? IslandKeys can provide you with various digital lock solutions. Smart locks for apartments, hotel door locks & hotel safes, office smart locks, keypad cabinet lock locks for supermarkets, or other scenarios.


Professional Smart Lock Supplier

IslandKeys is a high-tech, top-of-the-line smart lock manufacturing and inspection center based in China. IslandKeys uses incoming materials, parts, and complete machines which surpass the official legal standards, to ensure every smart lock exceeds China’s general smart lock testing standards and is equal to or higher than international standards and lasts you a lifetime.

To greatly improve your competitiveness, we strive to provide high-quality, versatile advanced smart locks that can be easily integrated into your scenes to be used. That range from electronic door locks to smart cabinet locks with each smart lock of a different function.

Give residents, visitors and staff the reassurance of robust 24/7 security.

IslandKeys solutions can protect the entire property while enabling seamless, convenient and safe access.

Automatic Locking
Danger Warning Signal
Missing Key Invalidation
Two-Layer Identity Authentication

Smart Access
Create a better, integrated experience for residents while enhancing security with IslandKeys home smart lock and smart access software.

Simplify Handovers
Instant and Safe Access
Mechanical Key Override
Connects with Smart Home Applications

Community Experience
Create better, integrated, and digital experiences for shared living space residents by technology and smart-locking solutions. Embracing IslandKeys smart locks enables you to enhance your residents’ living experience while strengthening community management.

Seamless User Experience
Modern Sustainable Living
Increased Control for Residents
Quick and Easy Onboarding Experience

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Leading Smart Lock Access Control Solutions

As smart home living grows in popularity, property owners and operators are increasingly challenged to provide convenient, secure, and technology-enabled living.

As a Certificated electronic lock supplier in China, IslandKeys brings residents seamless access without multiple keys, and helps property management ease residents’ move-in.

All party’s physical security and assets will be protected under our protection through our smart locks. In IslandKeys, we take quality very seriously. Our electronic locks go through rigorous inspection in our smart lock inspection centre, like Lock Case Impact Testing, Precision Salt Spraying Testing, and others. IslandKeys compliance with CE, RoHS, BHMA, and UL standards ensures our digital locks with a failure rate of under 0.1% .

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With the focus on smart locks design and keyless solution supply, IslandKeys, a company of smart lock, delivers thorough digital lock production, technical guide, and after-sales service.