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Door Opening With Smart Lock

Some people assume that connecting a front door lock to the internet necessarily adds a new way for thieves to infiltrate the home, and that a smart lock is fundamentally more vulnerable than a standard door lock.

Our view is that while it’s technically possible for a smart lock to be exploited electronically, the likelihood is probably quite small. In fact, over seven years of closely reporting on and testing these devices, we have yet to find a single case of a smart lock being electronically exploited in the real world—only in labs or at hacker conventions. We think the reason is straightforward: There simply aren’t too many home burglars around who are interested in, or capable of, implementing a sophisticated electronic hack, and they would rather rely on the most popular manner of breaking into a door—by force, using something like a trusty crowbar or screwdriver. And in comparison with having a “dumb” lock, should a burglar attempt to break in through a door equipped with a smart lock, the homeowner is in fact better off.




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